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The 1-2-3 of Qualifying Candidates

  • 25 Sep, 2014
  • TAILadmin

We Qualify…
When you invite Tail Wind to participate in your IT contingent workforce strategy, we assist to ensure the success of your projects and initiatives by applying the proper understanding and diligence in qualifying the resources we provide. We envision ourselves in the role of the Chief Qualifying Officer (CQO).

Process: How Tail Wind delivers consistently superior resources . . .

1. Sourcing Candidates:

  • Tail Wind invests significant time in conversations with candidates throughout the IT industry.
  • Tail Wind proactively updates a talent database of thousands of resources. Our recruiters are talking with our candidates daily, updating skill sets and availability dates and listening to what they are seeking.
  • We consistently invest in advertising and online databases. More importantly we spend many, many hours sorting, searching and seeking within these sources.
  • Networking, social networks, users groups, internet groups, smiling and dialing, knowing where to go and who to talk too.
  • Candidate referral program – a proactive process of referral incentives to harness the concept of six degrees of separation.

2. Discernment:

  • Tail Wind internally reviews and discusses the specific needs of a position description. Many needs are ongoing. Our recruiters are professionals who have years of experience with a specific focus in Information Technology staffing. What are the key requirements?
  • As we develop a pool of candidates, specific skills are matched with our clients’ needs. As we gather a pool of resumes, we first look at candidates that we have placed in similar challengesIs this person coming available?
  • We openly share the specific challenges of the opportunity with these candidates, seeking specific examples of when and how similar skills sets were applied. Where have they succeeded in a similar effort?
  • Often we are in full recruit mode and we have a solid pool, but no one is available. How do we qualify non-proven resources?

3. Proof:

  • Complete an initial screening of preliminary qualifications. Review the candidate’s resume relative to the technical skills, soft skills, education, training and certifications. Clearances and other validations are all completed.
  • External skills validation: Whom do we know who has worked with this candidate? Can we speak with a referential intermediary?  Leverage the collective wisdom of our network – who might be a common link?  Is there a client reference?
  • In the absence of a link we might decide to utilize one of our existing consultants to do a Tech-Spec – a specific skill set interview to verify the resume credentials. Tail Wind utilizes experts from our network to provide deep qualification on proclaimed technical expertise.
  • Final validation:  When requested by our clients we complete a third party background check, drug screening and employment references.

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