Staff Planning

The Proactive Staff Planning services offered by Tail Wind Technologies give you a look-down view of your current and future staffing needs.


We do the listening, the planning, and the staffing, freeing your company to focus on the future.

Here is what you can expect from Tail Wind Technologies:

  1. You’ll give an overview of your upcoming IT initiatives in a discussion of the scope and timing. These may be initiatives currently in process or ones for which you are budgeting. What starts as a general discussion can lead to specific details (skill sets needed, rate ranges, timing, etc).
  2. We’ll lend an ear and years of experience.  Often we’ve already landed the very specific resources you’re seeking. We can give you our thoughts on what the market looks like for the skills you seek, including rate ranges and salary expectations.
  3. We’ll begin our search and staff planning effort.  Your required skill sets are in the market; our job is to begin the process of finding out who is available when.
  4. We’ll match your requirements with our candidate’s skills and desires with minimum touch points with your management staff.  A nearly invisible helping hand.
  5. We’ll adjust our course according your needs and follow the staffing plan as you see fit.  A soft landing of the candidates that help you go farther faster.

Why proactive staff planning:

  • Save money by avoiding the over-pricing that occurs in time compressed IT staffing efforts.
  • Land the candidates who have more of the overall skills you seek, the attitudes you desire and the soft skills you’d employ.
  • Match the timing of those candidates who meet the type of employment you want to offer:  FTE, Contract or Contract to Hire.
  • Reduce your management time invested.


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