SDLC Support

SDLC Life cycle staff planningUsing our proactive Staff Planning Process, Tail Wind addresses one of the most difficult factors in a development project – manpower.

Whatever development methodology drives your project, Tail Wind will support it from start to finish. As each milestone of the life cycle is reached, new skill sets will be provided in varying quantities and varying levels – all according to a custom Staff Plan. For a corporate in-house development team, or an out-sourced agency, the energy focus can remain on the “what” while Tail Wind solves the “who” and “when”. Any skill set, any project, Tail Wind will be there to supply the right resources for the right amount of time – and the life cycle moves on.

The Tail Wind Edge:

  • Our Staff Planning Process helps clarify what type of resources your project will need and makes excellent options ready when they are needed.
  • Already into a development cycle? Tail Wind can give a valuable push to a tight timeline.
  • Outsourcing selected roles puts key expert talent into positions that will really improve the product quality.
  • Tail Wind’s resources are local, extremely qualified, and work at location.

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