IT Staffing Services

Tail Wind provides more than “candidates”; we deliver pre-qualified professionals.

Our proactive process will help you meet immediate staffing needs and plan for the future. Whether you have a need to contract one or two resources to augment a current project team or you are building a complete team for a new major development effort; we’ll find the specific skills and experience you need to meet your project timelines.

We flex to fit your goals: Tail Wind can offer IT professionals as Contract Resources to fill gaps and augment your existing staff; or we can help your organization find permanent full time employees through our Placement Services. We also offer a hybrid service called Temp to Perm (aka Contract to Hire).

The Trusted Twin Cities IT Staffing Resource

Our strong focus on staff planning makes a Tail Wind the perfect SDLC partner.
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Contract Resources

Contract Resources are IT professionals that Tail Wind provides on a time and material basis.

Often called “Consultants”; they work and are paid by the hour. We hire contract resources as employees of our company and then contract them into your firm; generally working on a full time (40 hour week) basis within your team.

We also subcontract Independent Consultants as well. Independent Consultants are IT professionals who have chosen to start their own corporation or LLC or currently work for another firm. They are often very seasoned veterans of the IT consulting industry.

Whether the consultants are our employees or are incorporated under their own firm, Tail Wind takes great care to qualify them for your opportunity and deliver them with the proper insurances, background checks and certifications that your contract requires.

Placement Services

When Tail Wind clients seek assistance hiring employees (often referred to as FTE, or “full-time permanent employee); they engage our Placement Services.

Under these circumstances we find professionals who are qualified for the opportunity AND has the desire to stay there for the long run.

As a general rule, attempting to fit a consultant into an employee role usually increases turnover. Because Tail Wind is interested in helping our clients for the long run, it is better to miss an opportunity completely than to deliver a person that does not work out for the long term.

Our job is to be able to understand our candidate’s skills and motivations well enough to discern their commitments. There are many excellent reasons to choose to be either a consultant or FTE. Our clients pay a fee for each placement, with specific fee reimbursement guarantees should the person leave.

Temp to Perm Placement

An excellent combination of both contract and placement services.

Temp to Perm placement is an excellent combination of both contract and placement services. It is an excellent opportunity for a person who has traditionally been an employee, but has recently been laid off or displaced.

When a client identifies a potential Temp to Perm position, Tail Wind searches available resources open to the option of starting as a consultant with the goal of becoming a FTE. Both the new potential employer and employee can often gain a greater understanding of each other through this process.

  • Our Staff Planning Process helps clarify what type of resources your project will need and makes excellent options ready when they are needed.
  • Already into a development cycle? Tail Wind can give a valuable push to a tight timeline.
  • Outsourcing selected roles puts key expert talent into positions that will really improve the product quality.
  • Tail Wind’s resources are local, extremely qualified, and work at location.