Information Strategy

Connect IT and Business with maximum efficiency.

Corporations are always seeking to get the most out of the data they own.

Fortunately there are a host of technology options available to support the effort. But simply implementing new technologies and systems can actually create larger data pileups, augmenting the divide between IT systems and the users who depend on them. Information strategy services from Tail Wind will make sure the link between the two is strong. Our well-guided Business Intelligence initiatives serve as the blueprint to move a company into a higher level of mastery over the information they need on a daily basis.

Tail Wind Information Strategy Services:

  • Make critical links between business and technology;
  • Apply appropriate approach to IT Infrastructure. Tail Wind uses SDLC, Rapid Application Development, Joint Application Development and Agile methodologies.

Tail Wind Information Strategy Solutions

Project Management

Experience counts when there is no "one-size-fits-all" approach; Tail Wind project managers will look to the appropriate methodologies and craft a project plan that is right for your company.


Tail Wind helps you build effective data policy to align data stewards and data set owners.


Model Architecture

Build your Business Intelligence solution on a solid foundation. Tail Wind gets to the core of your data storage, tuning data flow and maximizing potential.

Information Road Map

Tail Wind's expert managers develop one- and two-year road maps that will guide a company forward with confidence.

Platform Analysis

Understand the strengths and weaknesses of corporate platforms and how they relate to an overall Business Intelligence Strategy.

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