Information Asset Management

Craft your information into something truly valuable.

Information flowing into and out of your organization is as much an asset as the people and property it supports.

Not all data is equal. Determining what is (and is not) of vital importance and who has access will transform a cloud of numbers into an ever-growing asset. Beyond determining data value, a host of regulatory requirements surrounding information storage also contribute to making Information Asset Management (AIM) a growing IT focus. Tail Wind provides seasoned direction in the protection and potential of your companies' information assets.

Tail Wind Information Asset Services:

  • Bring life cycle data management process into information management strategy;
  • Discern the real value of data;
  • Leverage and secure information assets.

Tail Wind Information Asset Managment Solutions

Data Valuation

Tail Wind creates data valuation models which can be used to assign revenues to your data model and prioritize gap analysis results.



Data Taxonomy

Classification of data eliminates redundancy and is key in allowing the same information to be capitalized on by multiple resources. Tail Wind establishes data lineage and metadata models that will work hand-in-hand with other information management efforts.

Data Security

Tail Wind utilizes a security hierarchy model to secure data at multiple levels throughout your organization.


Connect with Tail Wind and put confidence in your
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