Enterprise Data Management

Create a base of solid information.

Bad or untrustworthy data can be the villain within many companies, sometimes creeping its way in from the very success that drives expansion.

Every business infrastructure footprint is different; created to address specific needs. While sometimes the cause of information bottlenecks, these differences can be crafted to be the competitive advantage that your company is looking for. Tail Wind's EDM services stops the multiplying effect of bad data, provides consistency in storage, and gives elegant data retrieval solutions. Our strategic approach takes into account existing business processes and resources, guiding data through a complete management life cycle. Well managed, enterprise data resources will save time, money, and reduce risk.

Tail Wind EDM Services:

  • Develop enterprise-wide processes for data flow;
  • Build effective data architecture;
  • Insure clean, accurate, and consistent data;
  • Manage data flow from internal and external systems.

Tail Wind Enterprise Data Managment Solutions

Data Warehousing

Tail Wind's Data Warehousing solutions lead towards a unified integration platform. We design logical and physical models that ensure data is scalable and accessible.

Data Quality / Master Data Management

Accurate, authoritative data is the charge of all EDM efforts. Tail Wind will help you promote a master data strategy that ensures data conformity and quality throughout your organization.

Data Architecture

As a company changes and adapts, so will demands on the data it owns. Tail Wind's Data Architects design nimble and robust data solutions.


Data Migration / Transformation

Use Microsoft’s SQL Server tools to extract, transform and load your data to service operational data needs or build reports.


Database Administration

Keep the backbone of your information management infrastructure running strong. Tail Wind's DBAs are experienced in installing, upgrading and maintaining enterprise-level databases.

Take the step towards guaranteeing enterprise data that is accurate, consistent, and reliable - connect with Tail Wind today.