Information Management

Business Intelligence Services

Build decisioning solutions based upon the needs of your organization.

Enterprise Data Management

Insure clean, accurate and consistent data from internal and external systems.


Connect Information Technology with business needs.

Information Asset Management

Value, order, and secure all corporate data.

Information Management is the foundation for transforming data into knowledge - and knowledge into action.

Knowledge that helps sell more products and services, tune efficiencies, reward success, save time, discover new markets or manage risk. Tail Wind’s Business Intelligence and IT services help your company build and transform your Information Management strategy.

Integrated BI solutions

Our Business Intelligence team includes highly skilled Data Architects, Database and Business Intelligence Developers, Report Developers, Data Analysts as well as Application Developers, Project Managers and other professionals within Systems Development Life Cycle. We can work as your Architecture and Development team playing a lead role in building a proof of concept OR take on specific roles as members of your development team.