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  • 16 Apr, 2014
  • TAILadmin

Tail Wind’s core competency is Business Intelligence.  It is our mission to find and deliver the thought leaders in Business Intelligence; with a specific focus on the Microsoft product stack.

We want to help companies access and transform their company data into knowledge. Knowledge that helps them sell more products and services, tune efficiencies, reward success, save time, discover new markets or manage risk (to name just a few). The final results might be seen in a report, dashboard or scorecard.

Our people are also frequently designing and developing efficient processes to move and translate data (data migration) or designing, building and tuning enterprise data warehouses.

We’ve made it our mission to find and deliver the most talented Data Architects, Database Developers, Report Developers, DBAs and Enterprise Data Architects in the Midwest.

Many BI projects also require talent on the application development side; so, Tail Wind can also help with all the IT functional positions within the Systems Development Lifecycle.  Tail Wind, offers full lifecycle Business Intelligence and IT staffing solutions that help our customers; “Go Farther, Faster”.

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