Large Corporation Data Processing

Project Tools

  • Analysis Services (SSAS)
  • Integration Services (SSIS)
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2012

Project Details


Customer profile

Large Local Twin Cities conglomerate with global enterprises within multiple industries (agribusiness, finance, retail and manufacturing).


Customer’s challenge

Business processes, defined and developed with older technology, did not allow efficient processing of data from files and dynamic reporting of business needs.

When individual errors occurred, processing was required to roll back the entirety of data changes and put all down-stream processes on-hold.

Reports were statically created and business was primarily relegated to the state of the system after morning processing.


Tail Wind offering

  • First, we use used SSIS to translate existing code to a data-centric solution that allows for the processing of information in a bulk manner. It also offers the ability to allow individual errors to be recorded and processing to continue.
  • Next, we re-wrote reports, using SSRS and SSAS, to give near real-time and analytical capabilities to business users.
  • This allows them to make informed decisions with ease and confidence in the current state of the system and, analytically, from an overall perspective of trends.