Hospital Data Standardization

Project Tools

  • DQS
  • Integration Services (SSIS)
  • MDS
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2012

Project Details


Customer profile

Large Local Twin Cities Hospital.


Customer’s challenge

Patient data mismatch, overmatch, and no-match is rapidly growing problem in health care. As data sharing between hospitals increases, so will the cost to correct the data.

Customer manages patient data throughout multiple internal systems, and receives additional patient data from various third-parties. Some of the patient data from third-parties matches and is integrated with Customer’s internal systems. The majority of third-party patient data remains in a data silo managed by individual hospital units.


Tail Wind offering

We implemented Microsoft Data Quality Services to cleanse, and standardize the internal, and third-party patient data. The DQS Excel add-in allows customer to manage their cleansing rules, and matching policy. Patient Data Governance was implemented with Microsoft Master Data Services to create data definitions within each hospital unit. Hospital-Ross